Braden Heckman

Braden Heckman


My first Kickstarter success was in 2012. After raising nearly half-a-million dollars across only two projects, people started reaching out to me for advice.


My Background

For over 10 years, my craft and industry has been video production and post-production. I bounced between freelancing and boutique production companies until jumping on board with WP Films to help with the filming of Furious Love.

In the beginning of 2010, WP Films was in a tight spot financially leading up to the launch of Father of Lights. We were strapped for cash and needed a solution fast. We had already applied for a line of credit and were waiting for approval, so we decided to use Kickstarter. The campaign was a wild success, and completely funded a 40-stop international tour of the film.

When it came time to think about financing for the next film, Holy Ghost, Kickstarter was a shoe-in. Our second campaign looked very different from our first and raised more than twice the final amount. We will be posting updates and delivering rewards on the Holy Ghost campaign well into 2015, even though funding closed in 2013. Holy Ghost remains the most funded Christian film of all time on Kickstarter. It would also rank as the number two most-funded documentary on Kickstarter if we had decided to place it in that category.

My third Kickstarter campaign was the highest quality campaign I have ever run, with what would seem to be the worst ending. The HeavenQuest campaign, with a goal of $1.2 million over the course of 30 days, came up far short, raising just under $200K. I have more practical lessons from this campaign than the other two combined, and it stands as proof of exactly how Kickstarter is meant to be used.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Media Creation and Production from Judson University, 2008
  • Masters of Business Administration from the University of Chicago, 2014
  • Succeeded at first Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $15,000. Total raised: Over $150,000.
  • Succeeded with second Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $200,000. Total raised: Over $350,000.
  • Failed at third Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $1.2 million. Total Raised: Over $180,000.