Stop Everything And Read This

Chances are, you found this site because you searched on how to accomplish something very specific in your Kickstarter campaign. WAIT!!! Speaking from experience, there are two key components of a campaign that get overlooked until it's just too late.

Borrowing Audiences

This will be detailed in far more depth when I cover it in a full chapter, but I believe that it's one of those areas that is important enough to mention here. You likely have a list of people that you plan on contacting once your Kickstarter campaign is live to ask for their support.

Waiting to call on the cavalry until day one of your campaign is a huge mistake.

You should be involving any and all influential people in your campaign at least a full month before you plan to go live. They should be involved at whatever level you feel fit to juggle, including the pitch video, the rewards, and the campaign story.

For details on why this is so important and other specific ways you can earn someone else's audience, it will be covered in the full chapter on Marketing.

How Certain Are You About Your Goal?

This is something that I am certain you have put some good thought into. But sometimes, good thought misses things. Like 10-30 percent of things. It's not very fun if you hit your goal, but then realize some time after that you only have 70-90% of the cash you need to finish. There are about 4 very specific things that I can think of where people trip up, but my main suggestion here is to be honest with yourself. In a perfectly-run Kickstarter campaign, hitting the goal amount leaves the project creator with exactly as many cents as they need to successfully release that project to the world and fulfill all of their commitments. No more, no less. There are very good reasons why you don't want to shoot high, and just as valid reasons why you don't want to shoot low.

For more on the art of goal setting, this will be covered in an upcoming full chapter on The Goal.

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